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A Summer to Remember


I can’t believe there is one week left to summer vacation. I should have realized how quickly 12 weeks would pass but I had hoped it would slow down…or at least, August 6th would hold off for several additional months. Second year is looming and while I cannot imagine saying goodbye to this wonderful summer, I am slightly excited for the more clinically relevant curriculum and return of friends that marks the second year. That said, I am planning on spending this final week in full summer glory: olympic filled days, ice cream indulgent evenings, and a review of all of the memories made in the past three months.

No one can say I didn’t take full advantage of this, our final summer. After this summer, we will be spending the warm months on warm wards so per the advice of many superiors and mentors, I spent the summer enjoying myself. Highlights include: exploring the West Coast and my first national park, enjoying jazz music on Friday evenings, taking ballroom dance lessons followed by delicious meals, lazing in the bay in Virginia Beach, tubing down Long Lake in Harrison, Maine, hiking around central Pennsylvania, exploring little known restaurants, and reveling in the ownership of my time. I’ve included a couple pictures at the end of my post so you can match an image with these brief descriptions. The best part of this summer has been the control I’ve had over my free time. No class meant little requisite studying and my research project was entirely self-motivated, allowing a self-determined schedule and plenty of opportunities for spontaneous get-a-ways and exciting adventures. I’m hoping the memories I’ve created will help me through the year…and some of the more stressful moments. I can close my eyes, envision my various attempts to water ski, and leave studying behind, if only for a brief moment.

The new first-year class has begun to move into their apartments on campus and there’s a general excitement in the area. I am so excited to meet all of the new students and hear their perspectives on entering medical school. This week is filled with social events, orientation videos, lectures (for the first-years), and the treasured white coat ceremony. How odd to be the second-year! Am I even ready to give advice on first-year? I still think I’m processing the entire year but it will be fascinating to see how the first years adapt and how their class is similar and different to ours. For now, I’m going to focus on relishing the last seven days of freedom and my goals for the upcoming academic year.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll be able to write soon with some immediate interpretations of second year!

What I learned while enjoying summer vacation…nothing can put a price on sunsets and late night lake swims.


Virginia Beach Waterfront

A park dedicated to a chocolatier. There is nothing better.

Just keep swimming

Celebrating my roommate’s wedding!