Welcome to Med Quips!  I’m currently a first-year Medical School student having just graduated from Bucknell University in May of this past year.  I’m far too invested in the liberal arts to waive my humanities interest in favor of science so I am keeping a blog throughout medical school, both to indulge my creativity and retain my sanity.  I hope to gain an understanding of how medicine and life outside of the medical profession intersect; throughout the process, I’m sure I will unknowingly chart my own transformation and who better to share this journey with than family and friends and the world wide web?  Follow along as I blog about my experiences and reflect on what is sure to be an amazing four years.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Hi Lindsay,

    I stumbled upon your blog and could not believe that I found an English major pursuing medicine. I apologize for the time of the comment (completing a paper in a traditional, midnight homework fashion). I am currently an undergrad also majoring in English and considering a career in medicine. Many feel that my path is strange and does not merit the true preparation that a fledgling pre-medical student should follow. Do you have advice? Is it possible to study the humanities and still feel passionate about medicine?

    Alex Gonzalez

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