A Brief Aside


I’m currently posted up in the library doing some excellent qualitative research homework, that’s right, homework, but wanted to take a quick second for a summer update. My PI, main researcher and the physician overseeing my project, has assigned me brief assignments that mimic my eventual research endeavor. It’s one of the best methods I can imagine to help me become familiar with the material and type of analysis I’m doing. 7 times reading through a 6 page interview and I feel like I was practically at the interview. I may even be able to quote large segments. Now, if that isn’t nerdy, I’m not sure what is! Tonight I’ll spend some more time shadowing in the Emergency Department. After an exciting Thursday evening in the ED last week, I took up my mentor on the opportunity for another shadowing opportunity and I cannot wait. Three plus hours of observing sutures, traumas, infections and chart work may not thrill all but I love the time I’ve spent shadowing in the ED. I’ll save you the inevitable question: no, I’m still unsure of what specialty I want to pursue and while I like Emergency Medicine, I’m still sorting through all of my interests. First, I need to make the challenging decision between Medicine and Surgery. It ain’t as easy as it sounds, especially when the greater part of my experiences have been in straight Medicine. With such minimal exposure to surgery, I certainly can’t eliminate the field without further consideration. While I don’t have to make a decision for a long while yet, I am so envious of my friends who have already determined several top fields they are interested in. A little self-guidance would be much appreciated but it looks as if my psyche is going to leave me guessing until the last minute. Hopefully further shadowing and clinical skills experiences this coming year will help me make some greater determinations. For now though, I’m looking forward to an exciting evening in the ED! Now, back to my interview!

What I learned while scouring interviews: sometimes taking a step back reveals more information than four additional scourings.



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