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A Floridian Escape


If you’re prone to jealousy, I’d refrain from reading this post! I’m currently sitting poolside in 80 degree weather in beautiful Florida reflecting on the close to the semester. I can’t imagine a better way to relax after several months of constant activity. The very end of the semester was tough but incredibly satisfying. We finished CMBMP I by learning about the Krebs cycle and various biochemical pathways. It wasn’t the easiest material we’ve encountered but I was really impressed with the cohesiveness of the presentations as well as the quality of the lecturers. Not every lecture we receive can be delivered by stellar presenters-expertise in a field does not always correlate to teaching skill-however this past block featured few disappointments. I was really impressed by the quality of the teaching and the amount of information we learned in the two week stretch from Thanksgiving.

We covered muscle mechanics, oxidative phosphorylation, glucose usage, ketoacidosis, diabetes, beta thalassemia and so much more. I think the best reward for studying, beyond a good test score, is when you’re able to convey a complex topic to family and friends upon returning home. That’s when you really feel like you’ve learned something. And while I’m sensing my family may becoming irritated with my constant medical quips (ha ha), it is so satisfying to feel that I have learned something applicable to becoming a physician. It’s an even better feeling to know that I have not only survived but thoroughly enjoyed the first semester of my medical training.

What a learning experience this has been thus far: I feel even more assured that medicine is my calling as both a profession and lifestyle. While I can’t claim total agency over my stress level, I have adapted to the high pressure environment and I’m slowly getting used to the requirement for constant studying. I’ve made wonderful friends who understand exactly where I’m coming from and who have made this first semester not just survivable but funny, exciting and manageable. I know that no matter how challenging or stressful the material becomes, I will have friends who can not only relate but are experiencing the exact same emotions…and will help me counter the anxiety with a glass of wine and lots of laughter.

In terms of what I hope to improve upon for next semester…I want to take a little more time for me and for my blog! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the “I’m too busy to function” attitude and I hope to break the cycle this coming semester. I made good on my promise to work out almost everyday (the days before a test, however, are unfortunately devoid of exercise-induced endorphins) and I plan on sticking to that resolution come January. The rest of my resolutions are slowly developing…I’ll keep you updated!

Enjoy the day whether it be snowy or filled with sun!





A Whirlwind Three Weeks


Oh, apologies won’t even cut it this time! Just consider the time I spent away from blogging to be weeks of building memories and excellent stories to share with all you readers! As of Wednesday at 4:30 PM, I officially completed my first semester of medical school. I couldn’t even imagine this feeling when I first started this blog and I am still trying to comprehend what it means to be 1/8 of the way through my medical school curriculum. The past two and a half weeks were frantic, preparing for our last exam, submitting final assignments and packing for a much-needed two week break. Reflecting on the past 4 and a half months, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Despite the never-ending studying, the incredible amount of stress, the frightening new experiences and many sleepless nights, medical school has proven to be the best decision to have worked so hard for. It’s challenging, when caught up in the momentum of the curriculum and hectic nature of everyday medical school life, to take the time to assess whether you are really enjoying what it is you are learning and partaking in. Medical school, like college, is far more than a mere learning experience–it is an endeavor and a ongoing process of self-exploration and discovery. I am truly lucky to be afforded this experience…and while I am relishing the coming 16 days devoid of studying, I am already looking forward to Spring Semester. Rather than one large, overwhelming post concerning the past several months’ activities, I think I will try and blog once a week as I lay in the Florida sun (under an umbrella and coated with 80 SPF sunscreen…thanks pathology for making me acutely aware of the dangers of melanoma) and enjoy time with family. Stay tuned and I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful holiday season!

Thanks for sticking around!