A Birthday Celebration


Despite having very little time for anything other than studying, I did manage to have a relaxing Sunday with the girls several weeks ago! It was Amanda’s birthday weekend and we celebrated in style with a delicious cake brought directly from a favorite hometown bakery, a shopping trip to Target, and an absolutely excessive dinner at Texas Roadhouse where I threw as many peanut shells on the floor as is humanly possible. We had a night blissfully free of studying or anatomy talk…we were real people, if only for 6 hours!

I just loved the long candles Amanda's mom brought for the cake

To truly embarrass all those in attendance, I took an excellent video on my phone but I can’t seem to get it to upload here. Regardless, the cake distribution involved a lot of off-key singing and embarrassing close-ups.

About a week ago, our class composite was finally released.
Too Legit
Our composite hangs just outside of the library and I get a little thrill everytime I walk past the picture on my way to or from the library. It helps boost my positivity each time I see it–we’ve made it on the wall…I don’t think any of us are going anywhere at this point!

More updates to come!
What I learned while watching “Sick Around the World,” a video everyone should invest time in to watch: the United States spends almost 15% of our GDP on healthcare as compared to Japan that spends a mere 8%.


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