A Foray Home


This weekend at home was absolutely perfect but way too brief. The three and a half hour trek seemed minimal as I caught up on the Top 40 tunes and relished the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. I can’t think of anything better in this world than the feeling I get driving up to my house after an extended absence. I love going home and knowing that my desire to sit on the couch and watch 2 hours of “Beyond Scared Straight” will be accepted and encouraged. My parents are so supportive and from the special dinners they planned to the time they afforded me to sit like a lump, this weekend helped rejuvenate me…and make me acutely aware of how absurd my “life” is right now.

This weekend was the first time I haven’t studied for the entirety of a day in almost five weeks. I ate meals while talking to other people and I fell asleep after watching TV-not after reviewing flashcards or lecture notes. It was surreal and I even found myself feeling guilty that I wasn’t studying. Pretty pathetic but the new normal has really taken over. I cannot wait for the next time I can go home-for now, I’ll relive the visit when I’m stressed later this week and hope it can keep all the anxiety at bay. Isn’t going home the best?


What I learned while trying to master the scapular anastamosis, everything connects in the body (no duh) so what I thought I could forget, I have need to recall. The big picture is finally starting to materialize.


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