A Halfway Mark


Halfway done with Anatomy! Can it be true?

We had our second exam this past Thursday and I cannot tell you how good it feels to be done. This material we just conquered, or attempted to, was by far some of the most difficult material we will cover and it feels pretty amazing to be able to put this chapter behind us. Now, on to the back and upper extremity! After an indulgent ice cream with friends to celebrate the completion of more than half of our course, I took care of all that has piled up over the past weeks while I holed up in the library. Laundry, dusting, dishes…all seemed to take a back seat to the perineum and abdominal cavity but have now been tended to. It’s sad when you begin to feel a sense of accomplishment when you are able to dust a shelf or do a load of laundry. Medical school sure changes expectations, that’s for sure.

I’m sorry I’ve been absent; the cadaver lab claimed any and all of my extra time in the past couple of weeks and I literally started almost four blogs only to have to discard them as they became outdated from sitting on my phone. Our next exam is actually two weeks from this past Friday—we don’t get three weeks before our next exam this time but apparently the material is a little more accessible than that we just completed so I’m not too concerned about the impending deadline just yet.

I’ve been reading some pleasure books before I go to sleep because I’ve been plagued by a terrible restlessness and insomnia if I don’t distract myself prior to hitting the hay. Most recently I started dreaming I was an artery running between the lumbosacral trunk and first sacral nerve…do you know how unnerving it is when you wake up and wonder why you aren’t filled with blood coursing through the greater sciatic foramen?! This intense studying does something to you; I’m convinced future studies will show that all medical school students have slight symptoms of insanity. My dreams would really encourage the exploration of such a hypothesis. For those in the know, I was dreaming I was the superior gluteal artery. Why that artery of all others I’m not sure but nonetheless, I was busy vascularizing the gluteus maximus instead of getting good sleep. Not a good scenario. In my attempt to dream of something other than anatomical structures, I have read The Help, Sarah’s Key, and most recently The Hunger Games Trilogy. I only read for about 20 minutes but I’ve been powering through these books and I highly recommend each and everyone. Motivation? Each is being made into a movie—it can become a full entertainment experience! Let me know if you have or will be reading them and what you thought…I couldn’t put The Hunger Games down. Talk about a page turner! Those books are nothing like Hollinshead’s Textbook of Anatomy.

After our exam, and what seemed like an interminable lab Friday afternoon, I went home for the weekend! It was the best visit and, though brief, was just the break I needed. Now it’s back to studying but I promise to update about my weekend home in the early part of this week. I already miss the Burgh…but how bout dem Stillers?!
Hope all’s well (and that you’re happy I’m back from my hiatus)!

What I learned while taking my second set of exams, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are not great snacks to eat while taking exams. I’m pretty sure some of my short answers have as much peanut butter residue as words written down.


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  1. Hahahaha I LOVE reading your blog! It makes me so excited for the years I (hopefully!) have ahead and to not take for granted the downtime I have now. When taking organic chem I dreamed of mechanism and synthesis problems, so I feel your pain… I hate when school creeps its way into your dreams haha. It must feel surreal to be halfway done!

  2. I too dream about Anatomy! Only I have dreamed primarily about muscles and innervations. Chungs lies next to me as I rest so if I wake up and need to verify an answer I can look it up quickly!

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