A Big White Board


Just thought I’d share a quick picture and update of how this weekend has been so far!

I spent my Saturday night in a small classroom we call a PBL, or problem based learning, room. The spaces are equipped with wall-length white boards, flat screen TV’s and comfy chairs perfect for an escape from the library cubbies. I charted out the entire abdominal cavity, and then some, on the white board to try and fully visualize what we had been studying. Success? We’ll see in a week and half on our next exam but it felt like a productive night. My, how my Saturday nights have changed!

I’m glad that I will have another day tomorrow to study. I’m not exactly thrilled at the prospect of spending three days straight in the library but I’ve taken some breaks to prevent burn out. (Burn out: a common syndrome amongst the medical school student population in which ones’ brain ceases to function and Facebook seems a viable alternative to, well, everything). I went to Hershey Park on Saturday from 9:30 to 10–the park is free for the last half hour–and ate an enormous sundae at Friendly’s. 2000 calories and 45 minutes away from studying really do wonders. Saturday was a little intense in terms of studying but I was able to get a run in and even did a kickboxing video (I pulled my latissmus dorsi according to one of my friends and I’m pretty sure that people watching me from outside my apartment were laughing hysterically). Regardless, it was a really good day and I’m hoping tomorrow will bring more of the same.

Enjoy the gibberish, or what you can even see of it, and I’ll write you again soon!

Can you imagine how painful this was to erase?


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