A True Second


Just a brief note to say that I am pulling through this intense week of studying and I am ready to take our first exam tomorrow! Ready, as in tired of studying and desperate to see what our course directors have in store for us. I think our class has reached the point where we have committed all of the information we will be able to retain for the exam and are now focusing on building our own confidence and reviewing key structures, essays, etc. Past exams, true and false questions, definitions, boundaries, relationships and some really odd mnemonics are playing on a loop in my brain right now. Mnemonics and crazy sentences like “A Duck Between Two Geese” “A Hot Dog in a Bun” “Four Ducks” “DATES and DERP” and my favorite mnemonic, which isn’t really a mnemonic but a string of nonsense words: “I TASRAT ALL REDT HRT” make studying hilarious and help hold my attention. Two cups of coffee and a caffeinated soda help too.

Our exam is split into two components: the practical exam in the cadaver lab lasts two hours and the written portion is approximately four hours. We start this marathon at 1 PM–by 8 PM I will be indulging in a delicious dinner, glass of wine and the prospect of going to bed before 1 AM. Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day…I hope.

Living for tomorrow at 7 o’clock!


Fun fact I managed to learn while being kicked out of the library at midnight: the tetralogy of Fallot is not called “the tetralogy of Flow.” Good to know.


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