A Quick Note


Oh my…
My perception of the passing of time has been entirely altered in my first two days in medical school. I only have a few brief moments, I’m in between lectures concerning Field Clinical Experience and History of Anatomy, but I want to share just a few thoughts on what have been two revolutionary days. 

Beginning with my mention of time.  I don’t have control of time anymore-SBMP has eliminated the ownership on my own schedule-a now acknowledged luxury.  I barely have time to eat meals, check my email or even write down a sentence unrelated to gross anatomy. Due in part to our class schedule and time spent in lab, we are left with very little time for anything let alone the hours we all need, and crave, for studying the material thrown at us.  Yesterday was only the second day of medical school but in two days I have gathered over 200 new terms, an intimate understanding of the superior lower extremity, and a pretty constant headache. We started our gross anatomy course, also called SBMP, with the lower extremity. In two days we have covered the subinguinal region, anterior and medial thigh, and gluteal region. Layman terms? Below the groin, the front and side of the thigh, and the derrière. I can’t even quantify how much we’ve learned or how much I have been presented with in the past two days. Imagine all of the bones, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, muscular attachments, and physiology associated with those deceptively small regions. Gluteus maximus isn’t just a funny way of saying butt anymore. 

Tuesday we had class from 7:30-11:30 and then a break during which I studied and ate lunch followed by lecture from 1-2:30 and lab from 2:30-6. A quick dinner and I found myself back in the library…until I got kicked out at midnight.  It ain’t easy but what tempers the anxiety of learning more in two days than previously learned in a year is how much I want to learn the material and how fascinating the material is for us science geeks. We are being given unbelievable opportunities to increase our knowledge and explore the human body in a way that few others will ever experience. So while just two days have been sufficiently overwhelming, I’m holding on to my interest in the material and excitement about this opportunity and trying to stave off the inevitable panic at conquering every element of the human body in three weeks.

I have written down my reflections on cadaver dissection for a course we’re taking and I think it would be interesting to share those here. I’ll post those as soon as I have a moment…or rather, as soon as I steal a moment of my now relinquished time back from lecture room B and my cadaver.

So far, I’m loving medical school. It is, in five adjectives, stressful, frightening, intense, competitive, and yet astonishingly wonderful at the same time. Okay, so 6 adjectives. My focus for this week: survive and figure out how best to study. I’ll keep you updated on that progress.

Don’t you wish you were here?


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