A Little More Orienting


Greetings!  I had some down-time before my official tour of the Library and my introduction to the web portals used by the Medical School so I thought I would try and do a whirlwind recap of the Orientation Activities from the past three days!  For the most part, Orientation is all about housekeeping and initiating us first years into the academic Medical Center.  We have seen presentations on HIPAA, retaining and maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality, financial aid (I think I’m more confused post-presentation about the debt I am about to incur), and linens.  I think my favorite presentation so far was about the Pyxis ScrubStation.  We learned how to swipe our ID badge and obtain a brand new, formalin-free pair for Anatomy each day.  The ScrubStation is everything I like in this world: a vending machine where I swipe a card and receive fresh laundry.  Now I just need to locate where one is in the hospital…where’s my compass when I need it?

We also had presentations about the medical school curriculum, military scholarship options, a session on Professionalism and the Code of Conduct, and a very confusing, albeit necessary, presentation on student health insurance and the work of the Bursar’s Office.  All in all, I feel like a bureaucrat after my first few days here—I suppose that in itself is a reflection of the bureaucracy interwoven into the medical profession.  If I don’t have a good understanding of how insurance works and how the administrative element of the medical field affects my clinical considerations, I won’t be a very efficient or understanding physician.  Good thing we’re starting now!

Wednesday night we went to dinner in small groups to different restaurants throughout the local area.  My group went to Tokyo Diner, a restaurant I happen to love and frequented when I was in Lewisburg!  Who knew such an entertaining hibachi restaurant was a franchise?  My roommate went to Wasabi, another local Japanese restaurant, and all of my friends have since reported back on their various meal choices—excellent research for when friends and family visit!

The final day of Orientation ended with a Clinical Skills Reasoning Exam…an exam where half of the vocabulary was foreign to me.  Good thing the average score is a 40% (we’ll start to improve as the years go on, or at least that’s the hope).  We had a presentation by the alumni society, watched a video about mask fit testing, and then got ready for the White Coat Ceremony, which deserves a post in and of itself.

More to come on my brand-new accessory tomorrow!  For now, a picture of the average sight in my backyard:

How apropos that I posted this as one was flying overhead; doesn't everyone have helicopters landing in their backyard?

Thanks for reading!


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