A First Encounter


I think one of the best things about moving to a new place is discovering the similarities and poignant differences that make a new place reminiscent of home but entirely unique. It’s finding something that you’ve done before or experienced that has an entirely different feel and tone but helps you to feel comfortable, even familiar. What do I mean? Just one example: watching Mamma Mia, drinking coffee in my brand new living room. What is more comforting than ABBA, a hot beverage, and the sun streaming in from the front window? I could be anywhere and that, in many ways, is comforting.

I also found the gym yesterday and I cannot believe I have another four years of free workouts. As a recent running addict, I was thrilled to find this bonus membership (for the low, low price of Medical school tuition). I’ll take it. The fitness center is gorgeous and on-campus, and thus I don’t have as many ways to excuse myself from working out. Even 20 minutes running a day will help me stay a bit more centered and sane. Who says endorphins aren’t magical? I expect my interpretation of hormones as “magical” will undergo some redefinition once I start SBMP (Don’t know the acronym?  Refer to my previous post).

My roommate just got here today!  It’s nice to have someone around the apartment.  I can’t imagine living alone or spending the next four years without someone to commiserate with.  Just knowing that there is someone who is working as diligently as I am and trying to keep on top of the massive amounts of material we’re sure to be given is reassuring.  Not only that, but it’ll be much easier to navigate all of the Orientation events with someone who can confirm my woeful knowledge of our Campus.  Literally, how do I not know where the library is?  Sometimes I wonder whether my lack of geographical and navigational skills will compromise my future as a physician…I guess so long as I’m only required to find my way through hospitals wings I’ll be okay.  Maybe I should invest in a compass…

We had our first social event for Orientation last night, which, due to an unforeseen blackout in all of the nearby area, was moved to a hilarious sports bar in the heart of Hershey.  It was really nice to meet some of my classmates and see the M1’s already establishing a unique dynamic.  Two dollar LIT’s and some excellent dance music really does help bond—that, and the locals who treated us to some dance moves that I still regret not videotaping.  Our class is incredibly diverse: there is the definite majority representation of Pennsylvanians but I’ve met several Californians and there’s even a guy from Utah!  Some of my classmates are married with newborns and others graduated from college a year ago and have worked at amazing endeavors in their gap year between undergrad and med school.  I’m looking forward to the official start of Orientation, tomorrow, and to meeting even more members of my class.  Medical school is definitely going to be different than college and I can’t wait to see how we all handle the inevitably difficult transition.  I miss undergrad already but I’m really excited for this next step and I think last night was a good indication of how our class is going to make it through.

I’ve included another glimpse of my new apartment, the teeny kitchen, and I will write about our first Orientation events later this week!


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