A Love of Books


So before I launch into how moving went, I think I’ll explain a little bit about the start of medical school and the courses I’ll be taking…or undertaking I suppose.  We just received an email from the fearless leaders of our first major course entitled Structural Basis of Medical Practice.  We, I’m already using the collective!, operate under a block schedule and I will be enrolled in three courses come August 8th.

Besides Structural Basis (SBMP), I will be taking Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM I) and Social Influences on Health.  SBMP is the mother of all medical school courses—it is an 11-week course including topical studies in Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Radiology, Humanities and Clinical Correlates.  The hallmark and cornerstone of this course is, of course, cadaver dissection.  Now, I purchased extremely fashionable scrubs in varying hues to wear to dissect my cadaver BUT Penn State will be providing blue, uniform scrubs for us to wear.  I suppose if they do the laundry, I can take them up on the offer!  Prior to starting the course, the second-year students conduct a lecture entitled “Meet Your Cadaver.”  We will be assigned to groups of three or four students, each given a body, and it seems we are thrown right into dissection beginning the very first week.  Armed with my dissector and the 24 colored pencils I purchased, I hope I’ll be able to find our cadaver’s leg…and maybe a muscle to boot.

I was finally able to download our class schedule for first semester and we begin our year with a class picture on the front lawn of the College of Medicine wearing our white coats!  I am so excited.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a picture from either the white coat ceremony (more info to come) or the picture-taking on the first day of classes.  Either way, I need to go sort out all of my textbooks and ensure I have everything for the first day of classes.  As of now, I seem pretty set with Anatomy textbooks…

Moving, to update all those interested, went VERY well.  The move-in was smooth, I wasn’t yelled at for pulling my car onto the apartment property (honestly, the signs prohibiting vehicles aren’t all that large), our Ikea furniture was easily assembled and I even managed to start organizing!  Although saying goodbye was sad, moving and starting new experiences has become a kind of norm and I cannot wait to embark on this new adventure and share all of my exciting discoveries with my family and friends.  After my parents left, I began the endless task of creating organizational systems (my forte) and decorating my room!  After several trips to Wal Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier 1, Target, and Marshalls (no, I’m not exaggerating-I truly visited each establishment), my room is looking wonderful and is starting to feel like home.  I’ve had several days to myself and tomorrow my roommate arrives.  Little things from home, like pictures, my new Keurig (thank you Uncle A for fueling a burgeoning caffeine addiction), and college memorabilia has helped make this transition a lot easier.  Here’s a quick glimpse of my new room:

I’ll share more later but for now, I’m off to hunt on Amazon.

Wish me luck!



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  1. Lindsay…you did it…you are in medical school!!!….so many talks and thoughts over the years….I am so proud of you. Wishing you nothing but the BEST!! Love, Andrea Collins

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